Software Localization

The aim of localizing software products is to provide a version in the target language (in this case Italian) that is suited to the target market and its linguistic and cultural traits. This type of translation is applicable to all elements of the user interface: buttons, command descriptions, dialogue boxes, wizards, etc., in order to make the program as user friendly as possible for the speakers of the target language, using both fixed and mobile devices.

Why turn to us for software localization?

Thanks to the numerous software localization projects completed for various agency customers, we have acquired sector terminology and gained the experience necessary to develop this particular type of text, exploring with interest the techniques for Italian translation management software, user interfaces for medical devices, EULA, antivirus/anti-spam and parental control software, as well as a variety of industry-leader products for PCs.

Alongside this, we have gained extensive experience in the translation and localization of content for the IT sector: documentation and instruction manuals, brochures, web pages for Cloud products, virtual machines, hardware, telecommunication devices, networks, but also video games and mobile apps.

The tools used for software localization

For this type of project, the use of software-assisted (not machine!) translation is crucial, allowing complete control of the terminology used and ensuring consistency within the different components of the application, and between these and related documentation, help files, etc. The so-called CAT (Computed Aided Translation) tool also offers the advantage of supporting specific files (.rc, .exe, .dll…) to ensure optimal software localization.

If you have your own translation memories derived from previous projects, these tools will also help to access them directly and ensure maximum uniformity in the use of your terminology, including during handover.

Extend the scope of your software to the Italian market by entrusting us with the translation: we know we can meet your expectations!


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