Below you will find a list of the translation agencies we work with or have worked with in the past. In compliance with confidentiality agreements we have signed, we cannot name their customers and their products. If you would like more details about our references please contact us and we will provide you with a contact who will supply the necessary information.

  • 5/5, France
  • A.T.S. Anto Translation Services s.a.s., Italy
  • Alaya INC, Japan
  • Alpha Translations Canada Inc.
  • Asiatis, Canada
  • Atelier Linguistique, France
  • ATI Traduction - Interpretariat, France
  • Atlas Translations Ltd, UK
  • Ausetrans, Australia
  • Beluga Linguistics S.L., Spain
  • BENAVIDES Fachübersetzungen, Germany
  • BRANCO® Fachübersetzungen & Sprachkommunikation, Germany
  • Burg Translations, Inc., USA
  • Business and Languages, Italy
  • Caractères - PREPRESS, France
  • Gatwick Translation Services Ltd., UK
  • Global LanguageSolutions, USA
  • Globotext, USA
  • Imperial Clinical Research Support, USA
  • JBI Studios, USA
  • KASHAT Translation & Technical Writing Ltd., Israel
  • Keywords Italia
  • Language Intelligence, USA
  • Lexcelera, France
  • Pacific International Translations, New Zealand
  • Studio linguistico Fusheng, Italy
  • The Italian Translations Company, USA
  • Theta Translations, Italy
  • Trad'Online, France
  • Transperfect, USA.
  • TripleInk, USA
  • Verba-Translations SARL, France
  • Word Works, Spain


The data communicated will be handled in compliance with principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, and protection of the confidentiality and rights of users in accordance with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.

The data communicated by interested parties will not be disclosed to other companies and will be used only to fulfil needs connected to company business, in particular:

  • to meet the obligations laid down by rules of law, regulations, EU legislation, civil and fiscal regulations;
  • to enter personal data in corporate computer databases;
  • to prepare internal statistics;
  • to issue estimates and offers to active and/or potential customer.


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