Operating manuals translations from English to Italian

The operating manual translation from English to Italian has been one of our core business areas since we opened in 2004. Thanks to the vast experience we have built up, we are able to offer translations of technical manuals and operating instructions for a wide range of sectors and industries: from electronic devices (mobile phones, digital cameras, multimedia devices such as DVD players and recorders, printers, etc.) to gardening equipment (lawnmowers, shredders, mulchers), but also manuals for electro-medical apparatus, ranging from simple devices for measuring blood pressure to X-ray or ultrasound imaging, even apheresis cell separators (used for the production of blood components: red and white blood cells, plasma).

How are we able to achieve such excellent quality levels for our English-to-Italian technical manual translation for so many different sectors?

Our work is based on the fact that it is not possible to translate a text if we do not understand it. This means not only that have we acquired knowledge over the years through various translation projects involving documents of this type, but also that when we transpose a technical text from a foreign language into Italian we rely on careful consultation of texts addressing the topic. This detailed documentation method allows us to trace the correct and most widely adopted terminology in the industry. The aim is to deliver a manual that will meet all your own expectations and needs but also those of your customers. First, it must be clearly written and will use with precision the specific terms actually applied in your industry. In addition, where we lack the necessary technical knowledge, we involve extremely reliable specialized partners.

Today many products include a software component so we have also acquired the expertise and technical tools for dealing with these aspects: the programs we use to help in the translation process are actually able to support about 70 different types of files (.rc, .exe, .dll, .html, .XLF, .xliff, .xml, .fingers, etc.). See also Software Localization.

A few clarifications on operating manual translation

In this regard, we might add a clarification: today the various types of automatic translation tools found on the web offer inaccurate and sometimes unintentionally humorous versions of the message that our counterpart is seeking to communicate, and are ineffectual in achieving results, especially at a professional level. As evolved as this technology now is, it is hard to get a good translation through this type of gadget. When we talk about assisted translation programs, we mean professional software known as CAT (Computed Aided Translation) tools that allow us to store completed translations and access them subsequently to retrieve the terminology already defined and used. This ensures consistency of terminology and style within the same work, but also for future similar work that the same customer may commission from us, even at a distance of weeks or months. So do not hesitate to ask us about technical texts and operating manuals translations from English to Italian: we offer top human and technological resources to provide quality, punctual results, at the right price.


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