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  • technical translation from English to Italian

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Translation agency

Simona Scarduelli has been a freelance translator from English and French into Italian since 2004, and is supported by a team of qualified, experienced colleagues who review her translations and assist in large-scale projects.

The translation agency is known for its COMMITMENT TO QUALITY, the principle that reinforces the services provided.

Your texts are important to us because they are the business card or the showcase that speak to your customers: care and attention are required for every detail. Catalogues, brochures, websites, newsletters, manuals, publications and professional texts of various kinds written in English or French are all work tools which we can translate into an Italian version which will be:

  • punctual. If you need something for 12.30pm on the 15th, rest assured that you will receive your translation no later than that;
  • precise. We do our research carefully, we leverage many years of training and experience to provide correct, fluid texts, drafted in the most appropriate register for the type of document;
  • effective. We have our finger on the pulse of your text, your message, and we convey it in the most simple, persuasive way. In a world where walls and borders have now virtually disappeared, effective communication in the language of the target audience is not only a sign of distinction and respect for the customer, but also a guarantee of success.

Why do we translate from a foreign language into Italian?

Because only a professional translator possesses perfect knowledge of their native language and is able to produce a text that reflects the meaning and register of the original text accurately. You will spot translations produced by a non-native because, first of all, the use of Italian will be lacking from a stylistic standpoint; secondly, technical terms used may well be inaccurate. If the translation is produced by an amateur, the greatest risk will be that they misunderstand the source text, leading to even more errors in the target version. The result will probably be a document that is not fit for use, especially in the workplace.

Our technical translations from English to Italian are also reviewed by a second qualified linguist, experienced in the field (in the case of agencies, this step is usually done by the customer), to ensure that the final text reflects the original accurately (you will find an in-depth description of the translation process in the Clinical Trials section).

A document designed to promote your business and communicate with your customers took time and effort to draft, involving figures who have experience and skills in the field. So why hand it over to someone who is not equipped to transmit its entire value?

Trust us with your English or French business documents, in the confidence that we will translate them into Italian with precision, skill and style.

We specialize in technical translation from English to Italian of texts in the following sectors:

communication (marketing, websites, tourism and advertising brochures, press releases, newsletters and house organs, games, cosmetics, fashion, bridal and formal wear, wine, gourmet cuisine);

technical-scientific (user manuals, instruction booklets for medical instruments and devices, training materials, print machinery, software localization, life sciences, pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, informed consent forms, imaging device documentation, in vitro diagnostics, power, timepieces);


The data communicated will be handled in compliance with principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, and protection of the confidentiality and rights of users in accordance with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.

The data communicated by interested parties will not be disclosed to other companies and will be used only to fulfil needs connected to company business, in particular:

  • to meet the obligations laid down by rules of law, regulations, EU legislation, civil and fiscal regulations;
  • to enter personal data in corporate computer databases;
  • to prepare internal statistics;
  • to issue estimates and offers to active and/or potential customer.


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